Made one at a time by hand. No two are alike!

Our buckles are fashioned from historic golf clubs played between 1900 and 1925, the end of the hickory golf era. Every buckle is unique, one of a kind bling from golfs past. They come with the markings of a few great shots and of clinking around in a stove pipe bag, round after round, many years ago.

Cherished for a time, then discarded for newer technology. The next set? Snapped over a knee and tossed in frustration. Many sat for years forgotten, until today.

I’m not saying Ted Ray or Bobby Jones swung these clubs. I am saying your father or grandfather remembers breaking 80 or 90 with clubs just like them. You may have heard the stories and wondered, fact or whiskey-I’m bettin’ a little of both. We still play the game because we remember the great shots, and can forget the 7 when we’re 50 yards out in 2. Nothing has changed in 100 years.

It’s called golf. And it’s in our blood.